Sneakers – the most interesting footgear nowadays

One of the hottest trends in street fashion are sneakers – shoes which were initially made for sports activities but thereafter evolved into streetwear must-haves. Sneakers are usually quite distinctive and have genuine design.

Many brands offer a full variety of fancy footwear choice. Buyers can pick and choose from dozens of sneakers models out there. Nevertheless, some companies have been partaking in sneakers manufacturing from the very beginning. One these company is Nike, and also New Balance. The first mentioned is well known as an iconic of sports gear brand that supports both amateurs as well as professionals in daily sports exercises. Also, Nike is highly regarded by streetwear fashionists – starting from blazers, t-shirts, caps, and footgear. The history began in 1972 when this American company presented the „Moon Shoe”, the very first line of Nike footwear. It was designed with particular idea: the shoe have to be light, comfortable and also durable. Nike shoes are mainly recognized by the most famous Air Max model with revolutionary midsole air pad technology. Cooperation with Michael Jordan won Nike shoes popularity and sent it to the different level. Extravagant Air Max 1 running shoe with small, clear, air window inside the sole made a difference and earned huge amount of money for this American corporation. Autor .

Sport shoes

Autor: Bharat Rawail

It’s an open secret that there is a fierce competition between footwear brands. Companies pour money down the drain on marketing including advertisement contracts with sports superstars and other big-names. Sneakers nike sport have similar target as New sneakers balance – generally young, visionary persons that care about fashion and ease. In the wake of brands war, a buyer has a chance to pick and choose from an enormous volume of sneakers from different companies. New Balance sneakers seems to be one of the most desired kicks nowadays. This brand has been manufacturing shoes since the beginning of XXth century. The funny thing is that the company’s name was coined by its owner when he watched chickens balance supported by three-toed foot. Another interesting thing about this brand is that NB made Apple’s company founder favorite kicks. When it comes to pricing NB started another intriguing idea – pricing model based on dividing the shoe number by 10. As a result we could calculate an approximate retail price – i.e., NB610=61.0$.