Beauty – a factor people find quite popular and worth fighting for

Beauty is an element that currently is associated first of all with women. It is indicated by the fact that in diverse mass medias etc. we might see a lot of beautiful women, whose photos are used for instance to advertise diverse products.


Autor: Flavio Lorenzo Sánchez
Mostly observing this kind videos or reading this kind ads we appreciate how human body is likely to be so amazing and perfect regardsconcerning shape, proportions etc. Consequently, even though not everybody is appropriately either pretty or handsome, but we ought not to be surprised that almost everyone of us gets to know that any person except diverse crucial and positive attributes regards has some disadvantages.

Consequently, we should realize that appearance is very important, and such a fact is connected with women as well as men. On the other side, generally still the women tend to spend more time in the bathroom doing inter alia make-up and preparing herself for going out or meeting somebody. In this case, as in other areas such as for example decorations etc., it is really simple to cross the border between good-looking, balanced make-up and to overuse it .

That’s the reason why, we are recommended to have some balance and not forget that nobody is perfect and, even if we would do our best, it is not possible to hide every little imperfection. Similar fact proves that sometimes regards beauty it is more advised to analyze it as being authentic rather than being perfect. The second attitude then is relatively artificial and, that’s the reason why, might end up oppositely to our requirements.

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Such a argument proves that we don’t have to spend hours every day in bathroom and many money on different cosmetics in order to be beautiful, i.e. .

To sum up, despite the fact that there certainly is a pressure contemporarily towards being perfect as the only one way to show the beauty, we ought to realize that it may lead only to improving the unhealthy perfectionism. Hence, except using various make-ups, good-looking clothes etc., it is crucial to consider smiling frequently and doing it truly, not on purpose and without wanting it at all.