Do not get chemical drinks – buy juice concentrates!

In today’s world, more and more people see Poland which is placed in the heart of Europe. It is well-known for its eco-friendly area and lots of fruit trees which grow essentially in each region, and virtually every home owner has the apple tree in their yard.


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Nevertheless, not every individual can love the tasty flavor of fit pears. Regrettably, apple tresses do not grow in every area. It is main factor why, progressively travelers purchase apple juice concentrate when they go out from Poland.

What are the primary benefits of the apple juice concentrate?
• The liquid is very healthy for the body; it contains one hundred twenty% of daily value of vitamin C. What is more, it includes also another important components which can be found only in this type of juice.
• It does not include extra quantity of sugar. It indicates that the fruit juice concentrate is right even for ill individuals, especially diabetics who ought to avoid beverages with sugar.
• It is very efficiently – from 1 litre of apple juice concentrate, you can make from five to 7 litres of yummy juice. It is the cheapest methods of preparing home made delicious and fit juice.

The advantages are very important and they are appreciated by the consumers from every part of the world. The polish pears and the concentrate are applied mainly in the juice manufacturing. However, they are also appropriate to produce fruit nectar, vines and another types of alcohols.

Apple juice

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What is more, you do not should get only fruit juice concentrate. The Polish organizations promote also delicious combinations of 2 fruits, for instance: fruit – pear, apple – berry, fruit- strawberry, fruit – blackcurrant, fruit – carrot and fruit- beetroot and more. They all are manufactured of Polish berries and include lots of vitamins.

The Polish producers provide their products in convenient packaging. There are four top boxes which are:
• Bottles – the containers posses the capability from 0,2l to 2 litres
• Bag in box – the capability of 2 l and 5 litres
• Tank – the capability of 250 000kg
• Big tank – the capability of 1000 litres