Great clothes for bicycle travelling – advices and service

Nowadays many people like riding a bike for sport and fun, but not all of them know how to dress while cycling. It is a significant cause when we have long distances journeys.

bicycle saddle

Autor: Tom Woodward
We have got a large number of types of bicycles, there are ladies city bike, town bicycles or mountain bicycles, however constantly there are few things that every single cyclist should have: a good helmet, special shorts, a good T-shirt, good shoes and socks and alternatively a backpack. Let’s learn a few things about this staff. A helmet should be solid, light and aerodynamic. It is a very important item for cyclist safety. Now in many European states wearing a helmet is obligatory. Helmets are produced in many different types and colours, however it is fine idea to have it in bright colours, then we are more visible (having this type of protection).

Shorts should be airy and have a special supporter to protect the cyclist during the journey. appropriate shorts are very skin-tight legwear, they lower wind resistance, draw sweat away from the skin, compress our legs. One of the most popular T-shirts is a jersey model, however non-professional cyclists can purchase a normal T-shirt for cycling in any sport shop. More important than shirts are the special shoes for cycling. There are many types in these kind of shoes. The decision which type we should purchase need to depend of type and intensity of cycling. The main feature are: rigidity (for transferring strenght from the cyclist to pedals), weight and the equipment which support fasting the shoe to the pedal. The best soles are those which contains carbon fibre. It is a fantastic idea to ask some specialist which model of shoes we should buy, is it for people on mens city bike or custom single speed bikes (for example for mens city bike the clothes can be not as great quality as for long-distance journeys).

rack in the bike

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It is very important to have right clothes during ride on the bicycle and it is a good thing to consult all our wonderings with specialists or bicycle amateurs who have been doing this physical activity for all their life and have got marvelous experience and knowledge about it (the people who have bicycles organisations may be helpful to).